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Featured Programs of the Month

2 Keys To Success

Join programs that offer more than just the opportunity to mail the flyer that was sent to you...

Club 20

Your ticket to success in a home based opportunity

The Residual Cash Flow System

Brand New! Imagine having your mailbox filled with envelopes each containing a $75 money order made payable to you!

Loans You Never Pay Back

Just follow the instructions and this simple program will pay off. Integrity and honesty make this plan work. Everyone Wins!

Drop Shipping

Shop till you drop! Access to trusted vendors/suppliers

Daily Print and Mail

Within 7-10 days your adsheet will be in the hands of your future customers - compared to two months for bulk mailers.

Postcard Stamps Are Easy

The goal of the program is to provide enough postcard stamps for free to cover your postcard mailing program

Life Changing Money Payday Plus

This flyer could provide you with consistent Life Changing Money to stop "simply existing" and really start living ... YOUR LIFE.

The Picture of Success

You have the stuff to win! Find out more about my "Poetic Affirmations" to maximize this attraction!

24/7 Fast Start

A New Marketing System that gives you over $2,000 worth of marketing tools and training for only $7

My Free Cash Kit

You can get money in your mailbox almost everyday like we've been doing for the past 22 months!

Perpetual Cash Program

This program has a "90 Day Money Back Guarantee"! Fill your mailbox with money orders everyday!

Windfall One

Multi-level Cycler Featuring a declining Matrix Format. Easily affordable entry - $10 minimum

Elite Cash and Stamp Club

By joining and utilizing this amazing stamp program, it can cut your greatest out-of-pocket expense to near zero

5 Dollar Success Machine

Turn $5 into a new way of being successful at network marketing, an unlimited income and a whole lot of fun

The Little Giant

Send $1.00 to each person listed - it costs a little in the beginning - and rewards you in the end.

Whole Lotta Hamiltons

The "Whole Lotta Hamilton's" is a simple yet efficient flyer that is guaranteed to stuff your mailbox with $40 over and over!

Printing and Mailing

Click on the link for details and download: Printing and Mailing Service 1,000 8.5x11 circulars printed and mailed for you PLUS a great program - rolled into one!

Every Day Income Plan

If you can mail 10 copies of a very special letter every day, you can earn up to $350+ daily

Fast Track Program

This proven program can fill your mailbox with cash daily. The results will amaze you!

The Big Bang Program

Pick a Program: By joining you will have the opportunity to explode your mailbox with cash payments over and over.

Cash Talks

By making a pledge to send a one-time $50 cash donation to only one person ... you can elevate your income status!

Club Platinum

The elite high rollers group where the rich get richer and the poor can too.

Triple Play

A win-win-win situation every time for everyone!

Northco: Quality Names

Offering Quality Names at Excellent Prices with no duplicates. Automatic enrollment in the commission program with your first order.

Young Living

Join the Young Living Community and Share What You Love!

The Stimulus Plan

Social Security not enough? Then YOU should consider joining this super deal!

Mail Profits Advertiser

Only $10 to run your 2-inch ad in 12 issues. You get camera-ready master as co-publisher - earning you $7 each time!

The Dollar Bills Club

An inexpensive, fast-moving opportunity for you to keep up-to-date on the best money-making programs today.

Low Cost Printing

Most orders printed and shipped within 3 working days. Sipping just $3.95 - any size order!

My Free Cash Kit

Cash in Your Mailbox on a Regular Basis?  Just download the flyer OR register online and your FREE starter kit will be sent out ASAP!

Millionaire Mailer VI

This is your invitation to become a member of a brand new state-of-the-art Money Making System.

Free Stamps Pro

Do not send any money! This offer is for first class stamps only.

Mailing Lists

The ultimate high-powered super hot, profit-generating mailing list that can help you stuff your wallet with cash.

Money Magnet

Attract Money Quickly Like A POWERFUL Money MAGNET!

Massive Bank $10

Join now for an opportunity to explode your mailbox with residual $10 payments!

Dream Team

Who do you know that can use a financial blessing?

Club Cash Fund

It's SUPER STUPID SIMPLE to get CASH in YOUR mailbox everyday LIKE CLOCKWORK!!!


50/50 - Receive $50 from everyone you recruit and then $50 from everyone they recruit

Pages to Empower You

I specialize in creating concise one-page writings called "Powerful One Pagers" with original illustrations. Check them out!

People Pleaser Loans

This works for everyone because of the low cost to join and the high continuous money profit.

Prosperity Home Network

A simple and proven home-based direct mail and online program that will put money in your mailbox daily by simply sharing a flyer.

Massive Bank $25

Join the Massive Bank flyer program to explode your mailbox with residual $25 payments!

Money Magnet

Attract money quickly like a POWERFUL money magnet!

Build Your Bank Account

Build Your Bank Account a Buck at a Time! Use the power of multiplication to accumulate a hefty sum of cash in no time at all.

Small Quantity Printing

Printing services for mail order folks who do NOT own a printer. Color Printing and/or color paper available.

25 Priceless Secrets

Print and mail this circular with your name. Fill orders yourself and you keep all the money!

Free Postcard Stamps

Quickly generate postage for your direct mail business. Do not send any money! This offer is for post card stamps only.

The Stamp Crusher

Never Buy Stamps Again! Select your earning level - Bonus Free advertising!

Money Blocks

Instant Money: Up to $500 every time someone purchases one of your blocks.

Tax Time Weekly

Our proven strategy: Mail out 40 or more copies of this flyer daily and get "10" $100 payments every single week...

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